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Brendt Allman born on June 16, 1970 in Dallas, Texas, began playing the guitar in 1982, at the age of 12. By 1986, he was teaching guitar, as well as playing in local cover bands in Dallas. He also learned to play the piano so he could apply his musical knowledge to composing for piano and keyboards.

At age 26, Brendt played with Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater) and Billy Sheehan (Davd Lee Roth band / Mr. Big) and various other artists on the Rush Tribute album: Working Man. Along with other Shadow Gallery members, he also was a guest musician on Yes, Pink Floyd and Genesis tribute albums. He was also a composer on the James LaBrie solo album, MullMuzzler: Keep It To Yourself, contributing three tracks. In 2006, he was a guest musician on the Helene and Maria’s album “Serene.”

Brendt's early influences include Stevie Ray Vaughn, Albert King and Angus Young, but Yngwie Malmsteen's Rising Force changed his life. Other guitarist influences are Randy Rhodes, Vinnie Moore, Al DiMeola and Jason Becker. Heavy metal also dominated his early years with Metallica and Iron Maiden being a big influence. He also dabbled with progressive rock, listening to Kansas, Yes, Genesis, etc. and was raised in a household where Gershwin and Mozart were loved.

Always a fan of jazz music, Brendt is currently writing an album of Jazz Fusion for eventual release, while continuously remaining a principle songwriter and guitarist for Shadow Gallery.

Brendt currently lives in Dowlestown, PA with his wife Tonya. He enjoys graphic arts, photography, guns, scotch. video games and lots of music.


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